In 2020, Leeuwarden faced the closure of its only two techno/Drum and Bass (DNB) clubs, leaving a void in the city’s nightlife. After two years without a dedicated venue, local DJ DNTKNW recognized the importance of establishing a space that could serve as a hub for the existing DNB community. Moreover, he aimed to reach a wider audience and create a platform for emerging local artists to showcase their talents.

To gauge interest, a series of small events named “Bass in Bubbels” was initiated. This venture proved to be a resounding success, drawing enthusiastic crowds and packing the venue to its capacity. After learning about his venture in Bubbels, he was approached by the music venue Neushoorn with a proposition to organize an event in their Café.

On October 1st, 2022, the first Bass Embassy event marked its debut, introducing 11 local techno and DNB artists to the northern nightlife scene. Following its successful launch, Bass Embassy made a return just four months later, unveiling its ‘Presents’ series. With each event presenting one or two emerging artists from the DNB scene, with support from a lineup of local talent.

Bass Embassy has grown into a highly esteemed event, featuring multiple editions that have consistently sold out. The stage has hosted commanding performances by established artists like RICKY WEST and TANTRON, in addition to emerging talents such as [BORDERS], TER3NCE, and CARRIER and the record label Sky Bass. Furthermore, it has provided a platform for 30+ DJs to showcase their skills and creativity.

At its core, Bass Embassy aims to connect people through music, reintroducing DNB to the city’s nightlife and exploring unconventional venues. This aims to spark renewed interest among longtime fans while also captivating those who are yet to discover the genre. The project represents a fusion of continuity and innovation, honouring the DNB community’s legacy while adding fresh perspectives and experiences.